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December 17, 2017

Power Up

Poles & Equipment

Reliability Plan

Linn County REC has documented and filed its reliability plan with the Iowa Utilities Board. This plan reinforces our goal of providing safe, reliable, and affordable electric service to our members.

This plan includes Linn County REC programs to attempt to prevent interruption of service, build and maintain our electrical facilities and preventative maintenance.

Inspection and maintenance programs

Linn County REC has several programs in place to monitor and improve the reliability of electric service to our members. 

Old Poles

When an old wood pole is taken out of service it is no longer able to support the weight of an overhead wire. When these poles come back to our pole yard they are made available to members, at no cost, under the following circumstances:

  1. Poles must be cut into 12 foot lengths or less by the member.
  2. Poles must be loaded by the member.
  3. Poles are picked up during regular office hours.
  4. Sign and receive a copy of the pole release form.

Please contact warehouse personnel for availability.


Purchasing New Wood Poles

We can provide members wood poles at an installed price. The price varies with length and diameter of the pole. We install the pole as a service to the member because they usually do not have the equipment to haul, dig and set the pole. Steps that members should take include the following:

  1. Call 377-1587 to speak with Material Control for current pricing.
  2. Call Iowa One Call for locates on your property.
  3. Contact Linn County REC operations department for a personal site survey.
  4. Schedule installation of pole with Linn County REC operations department
  5. Sign and receive a copy of the pole release form.



Learn more about energy efficiency and get rewarded with our incentives.

Save energy, save money

Outage Center

storm and outage center

Our storm updates with status map will give you information when you need it.

Stay informed, stay safe

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