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December 17, 2017

Power Up

New Service

If you are building in Linn County REC's service territory, contact our engineering department. We will work with you and your building contractor to determine the best location for your electric service.

Linn County REC is not allowed to install permanent electrical service to an account until a permanent inspection release is received from the appropriate inspector. The following areas require electrical inspections:

  • Linn County
  • Johnson County
  • City of Cedar Rapids
  • City of Solon
  • City of Palo
  • City of Center Point
  • City of North Liberty
  • City of Robins
  • City of Hiawatha
  • City of Marion
  • City of Coralville
  • City of Fairfax

Some areas require a “temporary inspection” before Linn County REC can install a temporary service for construction. Call our office at 377-1587 or toll free in Iowa at 1-800-332-5420 for more information regarding electrical inspections and specific.


If your building project involves the area around your electric meter, overhead power lines or underground power lines, contact Linn County REC before you begin. This will avoid unnecessary expense and safety hazards by correcting a problem before it happens.

It is important to know the following safety codes before you begin your project:

  • Electrical safety codes prohibit meters to be located on decks or closed-in porches. The meter, underground and overhead lines, transformers, and pedestals must be accessible to Linn County REC at all times.
  • Underground electric lines cannot run under decks, concrete or home additions, etc.
  • When installing a fence, the fence should not be installed directly over underground electric lines and should not block access to electrical equipment.
  • Planting trees under overhead electric lines is discouraged. As trees grow, they can potentially grow into electrical lines; causing blinking lights and outages. There are also certain restrictions regarding overhead lines near a swimming pool.
  • Whether installing a fence or planting trees/shrubs, you should check your property for easements that may restrict where the tree or fence can be placed. Planting should not limit accessibility to electrical equipment.

If you have any questions regarding your electric meter, please call 377-1587 or toll free in Iowa at 1-800-332-5420 to speak with our engineering department.



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