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December 17, 2017

Power Up


Linn County REC offers free electrical safety and energy efficiency education presentations for students and adults in our service territory. If you have school age children, talk to their teachers about bringing one of these informative presentations to their classroom.

Electrical Safety

  • PowerUp with Electricity - Designed for kindergarten through 1st grade, this presentation includes a discussion about electricity. It incorporates a story book featuring “Chip the LED Kid” explaining the importance of electrical safety. Plus Chip himself makes an appearance.
  • Hazard Hamlet - Designed for 2nd through 5th grades, this presentation uses a remote controlled display showing various scenes where electrical safety is crucial. It dramatically shows what can happen when you come in contact with electricity.
  • The Shocking Truth - Designed for 6th through 8th grades, this presentation features an 18 minute live action dvd highlighting safety lessons learned while two students research a science project.

Energy Efficiency, Renewable/Nonrenewable Energy and Electricity

  • Full of Energy - Designed for 1st through 5th grades, this power point presentation focuses on developing awareness of energy, the sources of energy, how we use it and how they can become energy smart kids.
  • Energy...What's It All About - Designed for 6th through 8th grades, this power point presentation focuses on energy efficiency and renewable/nonrenewable energy topics as they relate to electricity.
  • Electricity:  What does Energy have to do with It - Designed for 9th through 12 grades, this power point presentation explains how electricity is a second source of energy and discusses the pros and cons of various other sources of energy used to produce it.

These presentations take approximately forty-five minutes and include a coloring book for the younger students or an activity book for the older students.

Linn County REC encourages schools to target one grade level (ideally where electricity is being studied) and invite us to visit that grade on a yearly basis. This allows the entire student body to receive this information as they funnel through that particular grade level.

If you think your local school would be interested in one of these presentations, please have your teacher submit the Presentation Request Form or contact the Member Services department.

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