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December 17, 2017

Power Up

CHIP-Color-Web.jpgPower Up Kids

Hi kids, my name is CHIP the LED Kid! My job at Linn County REC is to promote electrical safety, energy efficiency and the cooperative way. Learn how you can have me come visit your classroom for an important safety lesson by visiting our presentations page.

Read my books and visit the websites below to learn lots of cool facts about electricity. You will learn about:

  • staying safe around electricity
  • different ways electricity is produced
  • what to do in case of an emergency
  • careers available in the electrical field
  • using electricity efficiently
  • renewable energy

Linn County Rural Electric Cooperative, in cooperation with our power supplier, Central Iowa Power Cooperative (CIPCO), Safe Electricity, Energy Education Council and the other organizations below, is pleased to provide the following links and videos.


  • Safe Electricity : This is an excellent site to learn about electricity. It has a youth section, teacher materials and much more. While you are visiting this site don't forget to check out "Electrical Safety World" and "Electric Universe" or you can go directly to those sites from Safe Electricity with the links below.
  • Electrical Safety World: Many great features to help kids learn about electrical safety and other educational topics regarding electricity. Includes games to reinforce the safety message and also includes a Teacher's Guide to give teachers lesson plan ideas.
  • Electric Universe : This site consists of more than 300 pages of information about electricity, electrical safety and related topics. This site also includes games to reinforce the safety message and a Teacher's Lounge for teachers.
  • Louie's Space : Part of the Electric Universe that focuses on younger kids, preschool through 2nd grade, with Louie the Lightning Bug teaching about safety around electricity in a fun and animated way.
  • Energy Kids : This site includes information and activities about energy, organized in easy-to-use sections and is sponsored by the "Energy Information Administration"
  • Energy Hog : Dedicated to teaching about energy efficiency. It includes games and information on how you can save energy and become an Energy Hog Buster! Brought to you by Alliance to Save Energy
  • Energy Star Kids : Learn how you can become an Energy Star!
  • Energy Efficiency World : Energy Efficiency World uses information, experiments, games, and activities to teach students the many forms of energy, how to use it efficiently, and how wise energy use helps the environment.  Brought to you by Safe Electricity and Energy Education Council
  • Lightning Safety Kids Corner: This site, from the National Weather Service, helps kids learn about the science of lightning and the importance of lightning safety.


  • Anatomy of An Electrical System: Set of 5 tutorial videos teaching the basics of electricity. This is brought to you through "Safe Electricity" and "AEP-American Electrical Power"
  1. Electricity Basics
  2. Transmission System
  3. Distribution System
  4. Home and Business
  5. Electricity's Journey
  • Electrical Safety: Various videos showing the importance of staying safe around electricity.
  1. Driving
  2. Safe on the Bus
  3. When a Vehicle Hits a Power Pole
  4. Boats and Water
  5. Pool
  6. Hanging Holiday Lights
  7. Digging
  8. Storms
  9. A Lineman's Gear
  • The Cooperative Way:  Videos explaining what an electric cooperative business is and does.
  1. The Cooperative Story
  2. The Cooperative Purpose:  A Timeline throughout History
  3. Cooperative Careers



Learn more about energy efficiency and get rewarded with our incentives.

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