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Energy efficient interior lighting can save up to 80% of the energy that a standard incandescent light source would use. This is done while maintaining lighting levels, increasing life of lamps and reducing waste heat generated by bulbs.

Linn County REC offers the following Residential Indoor Lighting Incentive:

Residential Lamps (bulbs) or Fixtures 

50% of price paid for *qualified products (excludes tax) up to $20 per fixture (including lamp(s) or $10 per screw-in lamp. See key requirements.   

 Key Incentive Requirements:

  • Must be Energy Star qualified (except linear fluorescent T8/T5 fixtures)
  • Minimum 4 Watts per lamp or fixture
  • Minimum $1 purchase price per lamp or fixture (For multi-unit packages, divide package cost by number of units) 
  • Minimum $5 incentive request
  • Maximum of $20 incentive per fixture (fixture including lamp(s)
  • Maximum of $10 incentive per screw-in lamp
  • Maximum $600 household limit applied to a 5 year period starting 1/1/2013

*Qualified products include:

  •        ENERGY STAR CFL lamps and fixtures 
  •        ENERGY STAR LED lamps and fixtures (non-battery operated)
  •        ENERGY STAR ceiling fans with light kits (ceiling fans alone do not qualify)
  •        Energy Star ceiling fan light kits 
  •        T8 and T5 fixtures w/lamps & ballast (these are not ENERGY STAR rated)

Normally if your lighting products are Energy Star qualified they will have the Energy Star logo Energy Star Logoon the package.  If not, for Energy Star qualified lamps (bulbs) click here.  For Energy Star qualified fixtures click here. NOTE:  Not ALL LEDs or CFLs are Energy Star qualified.

For full criteria and Incentive amounts, download (Fillable On-line) Residential Indoor Lighting Incentive Form & Terms and Conditions.

Please return all completed forms to Linn County REC Incentives, PO Box 69, Marion, IA 52302-0069.

For more information on indoor lighting visit:


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