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Make a difference now in Iowa’s energy future. When you choose Emerging Energy™, Linn County REC’s renewable energy program, wind generated electricity enters Iowa’s electric grid on your behalf, reducing the need for energy produced from other sources. Emerging Energy™ is affordable, locally generated, pollution free and endless.

Through this program, Linn County REC members can purchase block(s) of Iowa based renewable (wind) energy for as little as $2.00 per month.

Signing up is easy! Fill out the Emerging Energy Authorization Form or contact our office at 377-1587 or toll free in Iowa at 1-800-332-5420.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where does Emerging Energy come from?

Emerging Energy currently comes from two wind farms located in Hancock and Story Counties. In the future, this may change to wind from another Iowa site or include biomass, solar and methane digesters.

How does Emerging Energy work?

When you sign up for Emerging Energy, you agree to pay a small monthly contribution that covers the added expense of acquiring this renewable resource. There is no equipment to buy or hook up. You can sign up or cancel your participation at any time by filling out our enrollment form or contacting our office.

Will I have renewable energy supplied directly to my home or business?

All power generation facilities that generate electricity, whether from conventional or renewable sources are connected to the power grid. All electricity flows into a single energy pool. When you turn on a switch, you draw electricity out of this pool. So, the actual electricity that you receive may or may not come from renewable sources. However, the renewable energy that you purchase will reduce our dependence on electricity generated by conventional sources such as coal and natural gas.

How much does Emerging Energy cost?

You can choose your level of support. Emerging Energy is sold in blocks of 100 kilowatt hours (kWh’s) at $2.00 per block. The amount of the total Emerging Energy blocks that you purchase will be added to your monthly charges and shown as a separate line item on your bill.

Why does Emerging Energy cost more?

Production facilities that use renewable resources to generate electricity are currently more expensive to build and operate. The Emerging Energy rate helps offset the costs of construction, maintenance and interconnection to the power grid.

What are the benefits to participating in Emerging Energy?

By signing up for Emerging Energy, you help increase the use of renewable energy and support the construction and production of renewable energy sources that are located in Iowa.

According to the Iowa Department of Natural resources, the energy produced by approximately 400 wind turbines in three Iowa counties is enough annually to:

  • Power 103,600 homes
  • Avoid 1,100,500 tons of CO2 annually
  • Keep $10.1 million from being exported from Iowa to pay for fossil fuels
  • Displace 567,356 tons of coal each year for electricity production

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